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BioSkin® Performance Supports

About The Material

Breathes Moisture And Heat Away From The Body

BioSkin® is 44% to 67% Lighter Than Neoprene Supports

BioSkin® is Thin As Skin 45/1000"
Bio Skin® is a fraction of the thickness of standard neoprene. Bunching and binding is significantly reduced.

Bio Skin® Is Stronger Than Neoprene Supports

Independent Testing Based On 1.25" 6" Material Samples
(Foot Pounds To Burst)

BioSkin® is superior to neoprene and elastic knits by virtually every objective measure. It is thinner, stronger, lighter, and offers better compression. BioSkin® transports moisture vapor, regulates temperature and unlike neoprene, it breathes. These factors produce greater comfort during extended wear. Problems such as dermatitis and skin rashes frequently associated with neoprene, are eliminated.

Bio Skin® does not slip, bunch up, or bind in the joints. It has excellent memory; i.e., it stretches and returns to its original shape. BioSkin® offers effective, consistent, and uniform compression from a lighter, thinner, stronger, breathable, hypo-allergenic, and comfortable material that wicks moisture away from the skin. This is important to medical professionals and athletes because increased comfort results in better compliance and performance

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