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Indication Chart

Note: These are examples of reasons to wear each level of compression. Please consult with your physician for compression above 15-20 mmHg.
    Indications for use:
    • Heavy, fatigued, tired legs
    • Prophylaxis during pregnancy
    • Prophylaxis for legs predisposed to risk
    • Long hours of standing or sitting
    • Heavy, fatigued, tired, aching legs
    • Mild varicosities during pregnancy
    • Mild varicosities with minimal edema
    • Minimal edema upper extremities
    • Post-sclerotherapy of small veins
    • Moderate to severe varicosities with mild edema during pregnancy
    • Mild varicosities with moderate edema
    • Post fracture, Post traumatic edema
    • After sclerotherapy or phlebectomy of large veins or after vein stripping to maintain treatment success
    • Primary venous ulcer treatment
    • CVI Grades I and II
    • DVT or Post Thrombotic Syndrome
    • Mild primary lymphedema after decongestant therapy to maintain reduction, secondary lymphedema or moderate edema of the upper extremities
    • Severe varicosities
    • Severe edema
    • Primary and reversible lymphedema after decongestant therapy for reduction maintenance
    • Pronounced CVI (Grades II & III)
    • Severe Post traumatic and Post fracture edema
    • Recurrent venous ulceration (Grade IIIa)
    • Severe Post-Thrombotic Syndropme (PTS)

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