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Big League Slugger Package
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Product Information

The Big League Slugger Package comes with the Benik W-104 wrist brace and the Benik E-401 Padded Athletic Neoprene Elbow Sleeve Protector which are both popular items with baseball players.  There is a $10 savings with this package over ordering the items individually!!!!

*** Benik products are MADE TO ORDER.  They could take up to 5 days or more to ship.***

*This brace is manufactured by Benik but comes branded with the Dynamic Bracing, Inc logo.  Please specify above if you would like the Benik logo instead.*


Stock Size Circumference at Wrist
XS 5-1/2" - 5-7/8"
S 6" - 6-3/8"
M  6-1/2" - 6-7/8"
L  7" - 8"
XL  8" - 9"

E-401 Padded Elbow Sleeve
Stock Size Circumference at Forearm
S 10" — 11"
M 11" — 12"
L 12" — 13"
XL 13" — 14


Velcro Sensitive Neoprene
The outside fabric lamination is a nylon, unbroken loop material - very similar to loop velcro. By sewing hook velcro to the elastic and non-elastic straps, they can be repositioned as necessary and removed when no longer needed.
Ventilated Neoprene
Some colors of neoprene material can be ordered ventilated at a slight charge. Ventilated neoprene is particularly useful for products worn in warm weather climates or for products worn on certain areas of the body where excessive body heat may be generated. Ventilation is created by perforating the neoprene before the fabric is laminated. The perforations are 1 to 2.5mm in diameter with approximately 4 to 6mm spacing. The fabric laminated to the exterior is not perforated.
Neoprene Material Only
Benik Corporation enjoys the distinction of being a company that specializes in team work. Although we do not claim to have any medical training, as manufacturers we consistently work jointly in team association with medical professionals. As part of this team effort, we offer medical professionals the opportunity to purchase our neoprene materials and tapes so that they may experiment in the design of products they believe may be beneficial to the patient. Our expertise in product development and manufacturing provides the source for continued production and distribution. This cooperative effort continues to be the mainstay for development of many new, innovative and theraputic products.
Terry Cloth Lining - a new standard
Up until a few years ago, terrycloth lining was considered an upgrade option. A support lined with terrycloth helps reduce chafing, binding, and perspiration making the support more comfortable. The popularity of this feature has since grown to include nearly 100% of our customers. Therefore, all of Benik's products are now terrycloth lined unless otherwise specified. We are pleased to make this upgrade a standard feature to our product line.
*We do not use latex in any of our products.


Manufacturer: Benik
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