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3 Point Leverage System

3 points of leverage (GII Unloader® Custom brace)

GII Unloader® braces unload the affected compartment (painful side of the knee). using 3 points of leverage (as shown).

The hinge accounts for two points of leverage, while the Dynamic Force Strap® (the diagonal strap over the knee) provides the third point.

The success of this design comes from the unique ability to adjust and customize the brace to meet the needs of each patient. By adjusting GII's revolutionary 3-dimensional ADJ® hinge to the appropriate angle, and customizing the tension of the DFS® strap, load reduction is set on an individual basis.

By 'unloading' the pressure from the affected area, there is usually a reduction in pain. Depending upon the level of pain experienced, the brace may provide the necessary relief. People with severe OA may wish to combine the brace with other forms treatment to experience maximum results.

X-rays taken with and without a custom GII Unloader brace demonstrates the "unloading" of the affected compartment that provides pain relief.


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